Bright and breezy doth dry trails make…

It’s looking incredibly mild this weekend and sure enough, the trails are drying out. Because Aston Hill has its own special little micro-climate there’s sure to be some wet patches (and some claggy areas as the trails dry), but where there’s any sort of exposure the blustery winds are drying the Hill out. The trail of choice will probably be the 423 as a lot of it is not north-facing, thus getting the best of any sun and the strong southerly winds.

All in all, it’s looking pretty decent for the time of year! The word that begins with s and rhymes with Tring shall not be mentioned, but definitely get out and enjoy the mild conditions.

Don’t forget that there’s a dig day happening on the 4X, so avoid this area. If you want to come along and help out you’d be welcomed with open arms! We’re meeting at 10am in the car park and there will be an afternoons riding and chocolate baked goods for all those who help out.

If it’s your first time winter riding at Aston Hill read the essentials and the frequently asked questions – clay, chalk and wet roots make Aston Hill a very different animal in the wet, even when it’s drying out. The boardwalk at the bottom of the Red Run becomes particularly difficult under a layer of mud as well, so keep it rubber-side down!

Anyone remember Lindy Layton singing over Clash basslines? Well, she’s still about and still skanking it up. Enjoy!

Weather at Aston Hill for weekend of 4th February, 2011