Pump Track

If there’s a more fun way of keeping those skills in check, we haven’t found it

The Story

The Pump Track is the most recent addition to the Hill, opening in 2013.

Built to provide a fun focal point for riders of all abilities, it’s rideable in all seasons and a great tool for tuning those hard-earned skills, not to mention a great place to race your mates!

The Trail

Pedal, push, pull, pump – that’s all there is to it. Get enough speed and there’s airtime to be had, and if you’re good you can do away with pedalling too!

Is this trail for you?

The Pump Track is classified as a Basic bike park trail for all riders.

Trail surface types

  • Constructed trails
  • Rolling sections
  • All-weather surface.

Gradients and technical trail features (TTFs)

  • Rolling features.

Suggested fitness level

  • A reasonable standard of fitness, but expect it to become better very quickly!
What we recommend

We advise at least a helmet and gloves.

We also thoroughly recommend you have a massive amount of fun!

For your own safety

Wear a helmet and watch out for other riders.

The big jumps from 33sec on?

Really sorry, but they’re somewhere else!