Surface 2 Air A little piece of Whistler in the Home Counties

Surface 2 Air is the Hill’s dedicated all-weather freeride trail.

It’s got jumps, it’s got drops, and it’s got smiles for miles.

The Story

The plan behind Surface 2 Air was to create a little piece of Whistler in the Home Counties. Fortunately we had our own Cannuck-wannabe – freshly returned from seasoning in Canada – and initial drawings for Surface 2 Air started to take shape. After a year of manual labour and several tonnes of surfacing material, Surface 2 Air was born!

The Trail

Surface 2 Air is a deliberate step away from the Aston Hill trademark rooty, natural trails, and is the first all-weather track in the park. It is steep and swoopy: getting air is the main dish on the menu, and it’s served red hot. It really is the most fun you can have with your shorts on!

Is this trail for you?

Surface 2 Air is classified as an Advanced bike park trail, suitable for riders aspiring to an elite level of technical ability. It incorporates everything from full-on downhill riding to optional big-air jumps.

Trail surface types

  • Severe constructed trails and/or natural features
  • All sections will be challenging
  • Includes potential for extreme levels of exposure and/or risk
  • Jumping ability obligatory
  • Trail surface is all-weather and consistently good in all but the worst conditions.

Gradients and technical trail features (TTFs)

  • Include a range of small medium and large TTFs including downhill trails, freeride sections and mandatory jumps.

Suggested fitness level

  • A good standard of fitness, but technical skills are more important.
What we recommend

We advise a full face helmet, gloves and body armour and recommend you familiarise yourself with the track before attacking at full speed.

Flint and trees are the enemy of flesh and bones!

For your own safety

Do not push back up the trail! Use the push path provided.

Surface 2 Air courtesy of GeeBeeBee Media

The Origins of Surface 2 Air