Black Run The original black run

The Black Run was designed to challenge. In nearly 20 years nothing has changed.

The Story

The Black Run is the oldest – and probably the most popular – downhill run at Aston Hill, and for good reason: it’s the steepest trail in the park.

It has hosted sold-out races from the ’90s to the present day and has been constantly tweaked to provide challenges, mixing old-school technical difficulty with flow and flat-out speed.

The Trail

The Black Run gets steep from the moment it splits from the Red Run and doesn’t let up until you’re past the drop into the bus stop at the bottom.

On the way down you’ll encounter roots, roots, switchbacks, roots, the Gnarnia rock garden, roots, steep rooty drops and off-camber rooty sections, before the large (root free) table top at the end.

Is this trail for you?

The Black Run is classified as an Advanced bike park trail for advanced to expert riders aspiring to an elite level of technical ability.

Trail surface types

  • Severe constructed trails and/or natural features
  • Most sections will be challenging
  • Includes potential for extreme levels of exposure and/or risk
  • Jumping ability recommended
  • Regular use and underlying chalk/clay makes sections very slippery when wet.

Gradients and technical trail features (TTFs)

  • Include a range of small medium and large TTFs including downhill trails, off-camber sections, a mandatory rock garden, and optional jumps and drops.

Suggested fitness level

  • A good standard of fitness, but technical skills are more important.
What we recommend

We advise a full face helmet, gloves and body armour and recommend you familiarise yourself with the track before attacking at full speed.

Black magic and witchcraft are not encouraged. Black Sabbath is. \00/_

For your own safety

Do not push back up the trail! Use the push path provided.

Rider eye view of the Black Run

The Black Run courtesy of GeeBeeBee Media