4X Once you pop you can’t stop

Jump around! Jump around!

The Story

Like many other features on the Hill the 4X was a genuine class leader when built, hosting rounds of the national 4X series. Unfortunately a drop of interest in 4X, a period of little maintenance and the opening of Surface 2 Air has meant the regular – and very physical – upkeep required to keep it in race-worthy condition hasn’t taken place.

The Trail

The 4X still provides thrills for those with the skills to pay the bills. It starts with easier table top jumps before steepening, dropping over doubles and sweeping through large berms that lead into the the infamous road gap.

Upon touchdown it’s straight into a g-force inducing turn before the large final tabletop and a sprint to the finish line.


Is this trail for you?

The 4X is classified as a Advanced bike park trail for competent to expert riders aspiring to an elite level of technical ability.

Trail surface types

  • Constructed trails
  • Challenging sections
  • Includes potential for high levels of exposure and/or risk
  • Jumping ability mandatory
  • Regular use and underlying chalk/clay surface makes sections very slippery when wet.

Gradients and technical trail features (TTFs)

  • Include a range of small, medium and large TTFs including steep downhill gradients and jumps.

Suggested fitness level

  • A good standard of fitness, but technical skills are more important.
What we recommend

We advise a full face helmet, gloves and body armour and recommend you familiarise yourself with the track before attacking at full speed.

A full suspension bike will make hammering the 4X easier, but the true experts will use a hardtail as a precision tool on this track.

For your own safety

Be aware of riders crossing the 4X as part of the XC loop.