Saturday’s for riding, Sunday’s for digging.

The BBC and Metcheck are both saying it’s going to be fairly warm. It’s also been reasonably dry and breezy for the past few days, so even though it was pretty claggy on the sheltered runs earlier in the week, it’s hopeful that things will be drying out nicely.

At the time of writing Metcheck are forecasting light rain Sunday; no bad thing as it’s the final Back to the Future dig day happening on the 4X. Fancy helping out? Then read this and come along – you’ll be welcomed with open arms! Sound good? Excellent!

(If you are riding Sunday morning please be aware that the bottom of the 4X will be shut.)

First time riding at Aston Hill? Then read the essentials and the frequently asked questions – when wet, clay, chalk, flint and wet roots make Aston Hill a very different animal. The boardwalk at the bottom of the Red Run is particularly difficult when your tyres are covered with a layer of mud.

Stay safe, be good and get back to the future!

Weather for weekend 12th March 2011 at Aston Hill