Grippery 4: Not as great as the prequels, but still pretty good.

Please note Aston Hill will be shut on Sunday for the British Winter Series race.

For the time of year it’s pretty incredible out there. On Wednesday night the local trails were running amazingly well, but there has been some heavy rain since Thursday night. Saying that, the ground is not yet saturated and the winds have been brisk, so hopefully it won’t have affected things too much.

Saturday looks the better day with plenty of winter sun, with things probably turning a little greasier Sunday on race day. The Hill will be shut to the public on Sunday but there’s still race places available, so come along if you fancy a go!

As for the weekend, expect grease (especially in the sections that get little sun and wind, or where the chalk is obvious) as a worse case scenario and be pleasantly surprised if it’s better!

The brisk breeze will help to dry things out, is also very cold. It will be chilly where exposed, so come prepared and bring something warm for the carpark.

If it’s your first time riding at Aston Hill read the essentials and the frequently asked questions – they answer most enquiries people have about the park. Also bear in mind that Aston Hill becomes a far more technical venue in the wet, so take extra care.

Weather for Aston Hill over weekend of 10th December 2011