There was the latest instalment of the Hillbilly Dig Day Trail Care series on Sunday, and the 4X was the much-needed recipient of Hillbilly attention.

IMBike writer and and Hillbilly George Woodward was there and already written a great piece, so we’ve borrowed it from – it sums up the morning’s work really well.

“It may have been sunny this morning but standing in the Aston Hill car park it was pretty apparent that it was well and truly still winter. There was a layer of frost on the ground and it was pretty chilly. That didn’t stop the dozen or so trail volunteers from turning up and getting down to work.

As chairman Peter Way put it, today’s plan was to get the top section of the 4X track looking: “A little less ‘I Am Legend’ and a little more like a bike track”.

Everyone got stuck in, removing falling branches from inside one of the berms, picking up litter and pulling out stinging nettles; which it turns out still sting, even in winter.

The main and most important challenge was removing the layer of grass that had built up on the jumps and top berm. After a lot of hard work by lunchtime the top section had gone from a bit of singletrack with a few jumps thrown in, to looking like the 4X track it once was.

It’s amazing to think that in just a few hours everyone had managed to give the top section a complete facelift and new lease of life. With the digging done for the day everyone headed back to the car park to tuck into Nicole’s great chocolate cake and brownies.

A big thank you goes out to everyone who helped out. The next dig day will be taking place early February.”

As always, a big, big thanks to all the guys and gals who took the time to come and dig. We hope you got something out of it, have taken a bit of pride in doing a good job on the Hill and enjoyed Nic’s baking!

Next dig day will be in early Feb – date TBC. We’d love to have you along – sign-up to the digging email if you want to be the first to know when they are planned for and keep an eye on the website.

It’s going to be a busy year on the Hill!