If you want to do some digging, then there’s two fast-approaching dates for your diary!

You wanted it, you got it – the return of the alternative push-up!

There will be a special extra dig day on Sunday 30 January. Chairman Pete will be running it and in true RAF style, it has a very specific target: re-open the alternative push up (you know the one – it was used during Foot and Mouth). Bring rakes if you have them; there won’t be much digging as it’ll be a case of clearing the path and re-establishing it.

The continuing re-birth of the 4X

Sunday 6th February is the date set for the next session on the 4X. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, the difference made at the last session was amazing and it seems that everyone is super-keen to continue with the good work. All hands welcome – come on over and continue making a difference to the Hill!

What? When? Where?

It’s the same plan as usual for both sessions – meet at 10am in Aston Hill carpark for a quick briefing before heading off into the woods to work up some magic. It will be a full-on morning of getting your hands dirty, so come dressed to dig with warm clothes and gloves (protective footwear and eyewear is also advised).

Want to come along? Excellent! If it’s your first time (don’t be embarrassed – we were all there once) drop a line to gardeningwithoutthevegetables@rideastonhill.co.uk to let us know and we’ll be more than pleased to show you the ropes. There’ll even be tea and cake at the end (and some soup as well, to warm weary limbs).

Rake heads