Essentials Everything you need to get started

Like good riding, running a bike park is all about the flow

This is how we achieve it.

  • Pay to ride. You can either purchase a years membership for £60 (that’s cheap) here Aston Hill Discovery Pass or by purchasing a day pass for £7 from the machine. This is what keeps the Hill open. Need to know why? Check the FAQs.
  • Leave only tread patterns in the dirt and dust in the air. Time spent picking up rubbish is time not spent building trails!
  • Only ride during the stated times. You’re not insured outside these times and could risk access for others.
  • No helmet? No riding. It really is that simple!
  • Don’t venture off the trails. There is a lot of wildlife in the Park that spooks easily.
  • Hide your kit! Keep bags hidden and valuables in cars out of sight. There are tea leaves about!
  • Help out your fellow rider. Get help in the event of an accident.
  • Report any incident or trail damage. Tell a Forestry Commission ranger, call the Forestry Commission on 07796 313507 or contact us.
  • If you have body armour, wear it. Flint and trees are the enemy of flesh and bones!
  • Respect the trail crew. If they’re working while you’re riding (there’ll be a notice at the start of the trail), then please take care when passing or riding through part dug sections.
  • Do not build trails. Join the digging crew and learn to do it properly!
  • Make sure your bike is in working order. If in doubt get it checked at a local bike shop.
  • Ride within your limits. Like it needs to be said!
  • Aston Hill is a technically challenging venue, especially in the wet. Be realistic about your skill level and how appropriate your bike/equipment is. If in doubt, check the frequently asked questions or contact us.