So what exactly is Aston Hill?

Aston Hill Bike Park is a mountain bike venue situated just outside Wendover in the Chiltern Hills Area of Outstanding Beauty.The park features five graded downhill (DH) runs, a two-part cross country (XC) loop, a pump track and a 4X track.

Aston Hill is a great venue for riders of all ages and abilities with something to challenge everyone – both cross-country and downhill beginner riders can improve here very quickly using the lower graded runs and the top section of the XC loop – but the chalk and clay soil base make it more suited to competent riders during the winter months.



The rules. OBEY!

These are here for the good of you, your fellow riders and the continued running of the Hill. Ignore them at your peril!

Only ride during the stated times

You’re not insured otherwise and risk access for others.

Opening times vary through the year; there’s more information here.

Pay to ride

Your funds keep the Hill running!

Day Pass Ticket: £7 per rider on the day at the ticket machine, or Forestry ranger

No helmet?

No riding.

It really is that simple.

Hide your kit

Keep bags hidden and valuables in cars out of sight.

There are tea leaves about!

Help out your fellow rider

Stop to assist or get help in the event of an accident.

Report any incident or trail damage

Tell a Forestry Commission ranger or call the Forestry Commission on 07796 313507

If you have body armour, wear it

Flint and trees are the enemy of flesh and bones!


Take everything home. The only thing you should be leaving is tracks in the dirt and dust in the air from your EPIC SHREDDING (DUDE!)

Be realistic

Be realistic about your – and your bike’s – limits.

Skids are for kids

Show a bit of respect to the trails and those that build them – avoiding unnecessary skidding.

Don’t venture off the trails

There is a lot of wildlife in the Park that spooks easily.

Do not build trails

Join the digging crew and learn to do it properly!